Cancellation Policy

At the point of booking, you are provided with the choice to add our Reservation Guarantee. By opting for this, you gain access to refunds and rescheduling privileges that are not extended to guests who have not selected this program. Without the Reservation Guarantee, Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals strictly enforces a non-cancellation and non-rescheduling policy. Full refunds are only possible if Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals is informed within 24 hours of the reservation being made. Should you decide to add the Reservation Guarantee after the initial booking, it can be included up to 24 hours post-reservation.

Our Reservation Guarantee includes:

  • A full refund for cancellations made 15+ days prior to arrival for properties with 2-5 bedrooms.
  • A full refund for cancellations made 45+ days prior to arrival for properties with 6 or more bedrooms.
  • For cancellations outside of these 45 or 15-day periods, Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals will return the full amount of your payments, deducting only the cost of the Reservation Guarantee (which is a mere 7% of the total rent).
  • Should cancellations occur within the 45 or 15-day windows, when refunds are no longer permissible, you are allowed to reschedule your stay at the same property within a 12-month period, with no refund of monies. After this 12-month period, all funds are forfeited.

If you have any queries or concerns, our office is always ready to assist you.

If your reservation was made through Airbnb, Marriott Homes & Villas, or an Expedia Partner, please note that these companies maintain unique cancellation policies. We advise contacting them directly to cancel your reservation.

Vrbo guests can contact Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals directly to request a cancellation.