National Parks in Utah

Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals provides the perfect base for exploring several stunning national parks in Utah. Our properties are situated conveniently close to these natural wonders, making it easy for our guests to embark on their grand adventures.

By choosing Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals, you position yourself at the heart of these natural wonders, ensuring easy access to some of the most stunning landscapes the United States has to offer. Explore the majesty of Utah’s national parks from the comfort of your vacation home, turning your stay into the adventure of a lifetime.

Our vacation rentals also boast close proximity to Sand Hollow state park trails, making it easy for you to expand the horizons of your outdoor adventures. Pad your itinerary with visits to each of the beautiful parks located near our Southern Utah vacation rentals.


Zion National Park is a 148,000-acre park that is located about 30 miles east of Sand Hollow State Park. Outdoor activities found in the park include hiking, canyoneering, and rock climbing. The most common entrance into the park is through the town of Springdale, Utah.

Take delight in the magnificently red sandstone canyon that complements the brilliant blue sky as you travel through Zion. Experience excitement in a narrow slot canyon. Zion’s distinct variety of scenery, plants, and animals will captivate you as you absorb the richness of its history and relish the excitement of present-day adventures.

More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon every year, but the majority of Americans still don’t know which state it is located in. The Grand Canyon is located on the northern border of Arizona, about two hours southeast of Sand Hollow State Park. As you visit Sand Hollow, we highly recommend that you take a short trip to view this historical landmark. While you may be required to make advanced reservations to hike this canyon, you can still enjoy the scenic overlook without much planning beforehand—and it is well worth it!
Grand Canyon
Located about two hours away from Sand Hollow, Bryce Canyon National Park is the largest collection of hoodoos in the world! What are hoodoos? Get out your geology books; hoodoos are odd-shaped spires of rock formed from irregular erosion. Together, these vast canyons of hoodoos create a stunning sight, and the park affords plenty of ways for you to explore it. With exquisite viewpoints, wandering hiking trails, horseback rides, and evening stargazing, Bryce Canyon is the place to discover an endless supply of moments that will take your breath away (and those are the moments that count, right?).