Sand Hollow Equipment Rentals

Rental & Experience Options

Sand Hollow Vacation Rentals provides easy access to an exciting array of outdoor equipment that will ensure your vacation is filled with adventure. From guided UTV experiences to captained surf boats, each rental option offers a unique way to explore the stunning landscapes around Sand Hollow. When you book a vacation home rental, you will receive exclusive discounts on UTV and boat rentals from BASH Powersports in Sand Hollow State Park! Transform your vacation into a memorable adventure with Sand Hollow jet ski rentals, UTV rentals, and boat rentals. Whether you prefer the thrill of off-roading or the serenity of boating, we have all the equipment you need to make your stay unforgettable.

Guided UTV

$79 +

Surf Boat
w/ Captain

$1200 +

SeaDoo pwc adventure Rental


SeaDoo pwc fishpro Rental


SeaDoo Switch
Boat Rental

$499 +

Experience the stunning beauty of Sand Hollow Reservoir, with its warm, azure waters and magnificent vistas, creating the perfect backdrop for your group’s preferred water activities. Our partners at The Beach at Sand Hollow provide an extensive selection of watercraft and personal water vehicles, ensuring you have access to everything you need, from boat and paddle board rentals to canoes. They even feature a unique 6-person paddle board, perfect for family reunions or larger gatherings. Rest assured, The Beach at Sand Hollow has got you covered, allowing you to unwind and savor your aquatic adventure.

Discover the thrill where the asphalt concludes! Spanning over 6,000 acres, Sand Mountain’s rolling sand dunes offer a myriad of exploratory opportunities for its visitors. If you’re eager to navigate the dunes but didn’t bring your own vehicle, worry not. The Beach at Sand Hollow has you covered with their extensive fleet of UTVs, ready to satisfy your craving for off-road adventures. Plus, they offer well-structured ATV tours guided by experts to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the spectacular sights Sand Mountain has to offer! The Guided UTV Experience gives you an opportunity to traverse the rugged terrains of Sand Mountain and witness breathtaking views.